Have You Got End-of-Summer Fear Too?

 Do you hear that? It’s the sound of beer caps popping, just with a little more urgency. Sun cream slapping on oh-so-slightly burnt British skin a touch more hastily. Meat charring on a disposable BBQ a little more desperately. Yes, I hate to talk about the weather again, but summer is basically over. We’ve officially hit mid August. Summer has well and truly peaked and before you know it we’ll be rolling our roll-necks so high over our faces they’ll be looking more like balaclavas. And did you have the best summer ever? Will you remember Summer 2016 for the nights you were part of the Straight Through Crew avec Prosecco and good company? Or the endless (aka, bottomless) al fresco brunches in London’s trendiest rooftop places that followed the morning after? Maybe you fell in love and frolicked in the grass with your 568th Tinder match? If the answer is no, no and no, you probably have a case of summer anxiety.

It’s fine. It’s normal. I have it too. It’s the pressure to have the best month ever! – a little like the NYE fear of having the #bestnightever – so that we’ll have something to look back at when we’re miserably cooped up in layers of wool and winter flab, sighing as we scroll through our Instagram feeds remembering more fun, more warm, more tanned times. To combat it, you’re probably panic-wearing your most summery frocks, panic-buying multipacks of ice lollies, panic-BBQing everything and anything you can find in your food cupboard, and then panic-Instagramming all of the above.

Remember, nostalgia – and Instagram, for that matter – makes us see everything through rose-tinted glasses, and it all seems so much sweeter in hindsight. So why your summer might seem pretty average now, avoid all of the panic, and remember that there’s nothing a few smart filters can do when trying to make your life look better than it is!

But by all means, let this post be the permission you needed to get drunk and steal 7 avocados from that trendy bar you keep frequenting, or go to an open-air cinema on a date with a guy you don’t really fancy just because you love the film. Because September is just around the corner, and you’ll need something to make you smile during the 7pm commute in the drizzly, bleak winter that awaits us.

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