The New New New Basics

Fail-safe summer essentials that you probably already have lurking in your wardrobe somewhere

We all have those “what the fuck do I wear to work?” days. In fact, mine span practically every Monday-Friday morning. It usually happens somewhere between rolling out onto bed on the floor and looking up at two looming clothes rails creaking under the pressure of a billion pairs of jeans, then panic-picking a handful of things before piling them into my gym bag. The best part (aka worst part by a million miles) is getting ready for work after training and realising what you’ve packed makes you resemble a flight attendant/ girl scout/ grandma combination. Or a Barbie (both of these scenarios have been all too real) There’s no turning back. Your choices are show up in the office looking like an idiot, or turn up in the office wearing a sweaty gym kit. So in the interest of offending only one of my colleagues senses as opposed to two (because girl, a gym kit does not smell nor look like a bag of roses) I’ll stroll in dressed like chose my outfit whilst half asleep. Oh wait, I did…

That’s where it helps to have some failsafe outfit formulas for mornings where you really really don’t want to think. For summer, I’ve repurposed a basic white T-shirt and blazer jacket with a simple denim mini and a neckerchief. Cute, casual, works every time. See you at 8:30am in the office, not looking like a total dick.

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

I’m wearing Topshop Blazer, New Look skirt (similar), VVA Poppy satchel, neckerchief, ASOS T-shirt, Topshop mules

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  1. Every morning I literally have what to wear panic then spend about half my day thinking I wish I'd worn that instead! You've picked some great basics. x

    Emma | Reverie de Paris