What To Wear To A Summer Wedding That Isn’t Florals

Something weird happens around mid-May and lasts until around the end of September. Your bank account gets drained. Your Facebook becomes filled with images that could have been pulled from a copy of Hello magazine. Your bank account gets more drained. Every weekend is booked up. And you end up with all of these nice, flowery frocks in your wardrobe destined to only ever be worn once. It’s caused by a cosmic shift in the stars better known as Wedding Season.  

I know this not because I’ve been to loads of weddings myself, but because a lot of HELP I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR TO THIS WEDDING ON SATURDAY messages have been sliding into my DM’s for around a month. And whilst I haven’t actually been to a wedding, I always see beautiful dresses that I’d love to wear to one if my friends were all old enough/ happy enough / crazy enough to actually tie the not.  So here’s a little edit to help you through this tricky time, options that aren’t covered in standard florals and that’ll look just as cool at a bar on Friday night. I’d say try not to show up the bride, but it’ll be hard not to in these…

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

Bold Brights

Pale Pinks



The Shoes!

Oh, and you can watch the dress in action in my latest haul video on YouTube (don’t forget to subscribe!)

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  1. Yasssss the shoes! Also loving your pale pink picks (alliteration!), although it will be hard not to show up the bride if you show up in a "naked" dress lol


  2. This dress is bloody gorge!! I am always at a wedding and need this outfit in my wardrobe!! xx


  3. I adore that dress, the print is so unique and just stunning. I also love your picks, I've been eyeing up a few of those Topshop dresses recently, I just wish I had a wedding to attend so I had an excuse to buy a nice dress!x