The Art Of Summer Tailoring

The Art Of Summer Tailoring – it’s a rather optimistic post title, isn’t it really? That’s assuming we are getting a summer this year, and whilst I’m sitting here writing this post in a coffee shop this Sunday AM (a sickening cliche, I know, but my upload speed at home is appalling) I’m still unconvinced of the chances I’ll be able to get a tan that doesn’t come out of a bottle, even if the sun is starting to rear its shiny golden head from behind the clouds.

But let’s say we do get a summer. Not everyone wants to stick to the traditional floaty floral dresses, and strict, traditionally cool tailoring isn’t always the most practical option when you’re pressed up against someone on the Northern Line. The other option? A blazer dress filtered in the prettiest pastel pink hue possible. It’s summer tailoring at it’s finest.

This Topshop blazer dress is perfect for day-to-night dressing. If you follow my Snapchat (add me at S_LM) you might have already seen me taking it for cocktails (and shots) at 197 Chiswick Firestation. Simply style it as a dress over a lace bralette ala these photographs, or wear it open with a black slip dress or a cami top and pristine porcelain trousers. It’s almost sickeningly versatile.

You can thank me later!

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

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