The Fail-Safe Formula For Summer Layering

What’s worse than getting on the Central line in the height of summer? Nothing. Absolutely nothing (perhaps, apart from trying to get on the Northern line tube at any of the Clapham stations between 7:30-9am, but that’s another story…) In fact, general tubing during summer becomes a RL incarnation of hell. You’re underground. Closer to the molten hot core of the earth. It’s blisteringly hot. There’s tourists that won’t move down the carriages. And you’re forced to get up close and personal with sweaty, grunty, miserable businessmen as if you’re being paid to do it. Like I said, it is literally hell on earth. But take solace in knowing what might cause despair to your personal space can create sartorial challenges that are easily, and ever so stylishly, fixed. It’s all about nailing the mix of summer layering.

Yes, summer layering is your answer to battling this hell on earth. Sure, it won’t stop you from internally losing your shit at a couple PDA’ing right in front of your face, but dressing well will certainly distract you from it. Here’s a fail-safe formula.
Lightweight Duster Jacket

A lightweight duster coat is an essential – throw it on when the wind errs on the wrong side of June-like, or when you’ve lingered a little too late in the beer garden for post-work drinks and it’s not as warm as you had hoped. Too hot? Slip it off, roll it up, stash it in your bag. 
Tent Tops

Take cues from Glastonbury style in a quite literal way and wear a tent. Okay, not that literal, but wear a tent-like top or dress, all capacious and swishy and loose. Why? It’ll hide the fact that you’re sweating so much in a way form-fitting clothes are never quite so forgiving.

Loose Shorts

When every step you take might feel like you’re walking on burning hot coals (we are in hell, remember) it’ll feel ever so much more breezier in loose-fitting, fluid shorts.

I talk a lot about the weather in my blog posts. But that’s because a) I’m British, so it’s inherently ingrained that I talk about the weather a lot. And b) IT CHANGES ALL THE TIME SO IT EFFECTS WHAT I WEAR! I’m yet to break out my sunglasses without keeping my umbrella clutched in my other hand…

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

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  1. I'm heading to London tomorrow and am at a loss at to what to wear. I just do not own a light summer jacket and I desperately need one!

    Rachael at