Shit – It’s June. Let’s Make Mid-Year Resolutions A Thing

What date is it today?

It’s the first of June. 
Oh my god! It’s June already. We’re half way through the year! Didn’t it seem like it was just a couple of weeks ago when it was New Years Eve? Am I right? I swear time is just going quicker, Sandra, seriously. Don’t you think? Where has this year gone?! 

In true Mean Girls style, raise your hand if you had this conversation with one of your colleagues/ friends/ housemates / boyfriend / tinder date? It’s okay, so did I. Because let’s face it, where the fuck has this year gone? Now I’m no scientist, but I’m quite sure time probably isn’t moving faster, yet there’s something about looking back over time that makes you feel as though someone has pressed fast-forward you’re hurtling towards impending death faster than Fenton the dog chasing after those dear. Now, how many of you have actually managed to stick to your New Year’s resolutions for this long? My guesses are not many. So why not use June as the starting point to introduce a few half-year goals? It’s slap bang in the middle, giving you the perfect time to re-evaluate the things that worked or didn’t work for you.

This post had me thinking, what even are my goals? What am I doing in life? What do I want to do? Do I want to go vegan? Maybe cut out dairy? What about go blonde? Am I just floating along the stream of life without a paddle or a direction?

Of course I have a general idea of what I want to do and achieve, but I hadn’t actually sat down and set some concrete goals. So here I am, doing just that. Here goes…

Do more freelance work

For those of you who didn’t know, I am actually a writer IRL as as well as in this phoney internet life, with two journalism degrees under my belt (hello BA Journalism at Cardiff University and MA Fashion Journalism at Central Saint Martins.) And whilst I’m writing about fashion for the e-commerce world in my day job and my oversharing on this blog by weekends, it’d be another bonus taking on some freelance work. I have a list of loads of feature ideas, I just need to take the time to pitch them to publications…

Say Yes

Stepping outside of your comfort zone starts with saying yes to more things. I’m an overthinker and tend to worry a lot, and my comfort zone is made of the plushest pillows and squishiest duvet you could imagine, so I find it difficult to let go and just do something new. So from here on, I’m going to embrace saying yes more. It’s all about broadening your mind and learning.

Do More YouTube videos

Last year when I started YouTube it felt like I was doing it just to tick a box. It felt like a chore that I had no real passion for. So after a four month hiatus,  I’ve stepped back into it and for the first time it feels right. Talking to the camera feels normal, rather than forced. Make sure you’re subscribed!

Learn to Meditate

I can almost hear your eyes rolling out of my head. I mean, I did it too. They’re still on the floor somewhere… I’m a cynical person so I tend to pull a face at all of this whole mindfulness thing people are really into right now. But everyone keeps saying how beneficial meditation is. As a person that struggles to switch off and let go, this could really help unwind me. Peace and love, yah.

Take Up Yoga

Like meditating, but with stretches and stuff, no?

Go To More Museums and Exhibitions

A few months ago I made Saturday morning hangover museum trips a thing. Rather than wallowing in my bed considering whether it’s socially acceptable to eat my cold half-eaten McDonalds remains (it always is, in case you were wondering,) I’d get up and out and explore the many free museums London has to offer. I am going to reinstate this motion, affective immediately!

Switch Off More Often

Last week I had the day off work, spent it shooting with Becky, finished up early and headed to Clapham Common to read a book and CTFO. Lying in the sun, dozing off, I thought this is the first time I have actually stopped to do nothing and simply relax in around two weeks, which is pretty sad really. We all need to take a break sometime, so I’m going to give myself more time to switch off from work, work, social media, and online life just so I can be me a little more. I’ll even go as far as switching my phone off more! Goes well with the yoga and meditation thing, right?

Set yourself some goals and get to work at making the next half of the year even better. And of course, share with me your mid-year resolutions!

Here’s some sassy notepads to help keep you motivated

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