The Best Affordable Bikinis for Bigger Boobs

Blue domed churches, picturesque white villas, glistening blue waves and the most pristine white sands. From Santorini to the Maldives (arguably the two biggest blogger haunts of the past two summers), exotic beaches have been interrupting my Instagram news feed to no end which means one thing and one thing only: it’s bikini season. No, this isn’t a call for getting your bikini body beach-ready, because if you have a body, and if you have a bikini, then it’s my honest opinion that you’re ready for the beach as you are. If you have a body but no bikini and slightly bigger boobs, then you might want to read on…

High-street retailers have long catered for smaller bikini sizes, throwing out designs where you have to buy the top and bottom in the exact same size (tell me now, who really is an 8 on top and an 8 on bottom? who?! and what is your secret?!) But for gals with bigger boobs? No such luck. Try squishing your 34E chest into a size 14 bikini top and hope for the best? Hardly going to do the trick when a wave comes tumbling anything above nipple height. Luckily, retailers have seen the gap in market, filled the demand, and instead of offering up overpriced frumpy designs, have come in with something to make us feel sexy and stylish on the beach. Notably ASOS. So have a browse of what’s on offer to pack away in your suitcase before you jet off!

Oh, and some little extras, just in case that’s not enough…

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