Healthy Drunk Food To Eat After A Night Out


So you woke up at 6am, went to your spin class, did a few weights, ate salad with a green smoothie, went out for after work drinks – vodka soda lime only, can’t break a good routine – ended up in some ropey club and it’s now 3am and the only thing on your mind is how do I fill the rumbling cavern that is my stomach??? Delicious cheese-drenched pizza, a sly Big Mac, or an extra large chips and curry sauce please and thank you. It’s super easy to slip into bad routines. I mean, we all make mistakes after a few drinks, right? My biggest and most commonly occurring one: logging into Just Eat to order a pizza before my Uber has even arrived to whisk me away from whatever bar I’ve spent too much money in. Waking up spooning a half-eaten garlic bread is the quickest way to induct a guild-ridden hangover. So here’s a nice selection of super easy and tasty things to make yourself after a night out that run minimal risk of setting fire to your house.

1. Avocado on Rye Bread

 In comparison to regular bread, rye bread or rye-based crisps like Ryvita are a lot heartier making it more filling – so there’s less chance you’re going to totally overdo it. Top it with sliced or smashed up avocado for a healthy dose of fats that’ll line your stomach (lovely) and help prevent you feeling too nauseous in the morning.

2. Eggs on Wholemeal Toast

Any eggs on toast will do – if you’re frying, do it in coconut oil! – but let’s just say, quite simply because you’re a bit drunk, that it’s scrambled eggs (who really wants to try out the perfect poached post-Prosecco?) Just throw it all together in a pan and dish it out onto toasted wholewheat bread. Eggs are an eggcelent form of protein and contain the amino acid cysteine, which can break down the toxins that cause hangover symptoms. Whole grains in the bread contains and therefore can restore magnesium that’s been depleted by the alcohol.

3. Oats

Not so sexy, but super simple to make and with the addition of some sugar free syrup like My Protein’s butterscotch sauce it suddenly levels up into something far more superior. The texture makes it super easy to digest after you’ve been cutting so many shapes on the dance floor and is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth to satisfy.

4. Kebabs (they’re not the devil you know…)

Stumbled into the kebab shop? Hey, we’ve all been there. Go for a freshly grilled chicken kebab and load up on salad. Don’t OD on creamy sauces like mayonnaise, and if you can bear to, throw away the refined white bread! Alcohol ramps up your blood sugar levels, so lean grilled protein can help stabilise it and stop you feeling sicky later.

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  1. I've managed to ween myself off my post night-out takeaway thank god! I think if I tried to rustle up any of the above I would either wake up my whole family by clattering around the kitchen or setting it on fire!

    Delicious ideas though!

    Claudia xx