Extreme Sleeves & Shredded Cuffs

When is a white cotton shirt not just a white cotton shirt? When it has ridiculously supersized sleeves, that’s when. Anyone who’s anyone on the street style scene has been snapped wearing shirts that basically say “I’m really embarrassed of my hands,” sleeves all dripping down past their fingertips. Who needs hands anyway? Fashion, you certainly keep us entertained; subverting normality into slight impracticality, giving us old designs with fancy new reinvented features.

Practicality rating? 0/10 if you’re going for dinner and don’t particularly want to drag your sleeves through soy and ginger dressing or burger juice.
Style rating? 10/10

The only other thing you need in your style diet this season runs a sartorial parallel. Everyone’s favourite humble denim comes ripped up, frayed to an inch within its life, or staggered at the hem.

SS16 calls for bolstered basics. Ballooned. Magnified. Shredded. Supersized. Fashified. Hide your plain white T-shirts! It’s only a matter of time before that staple gets a dose of steroids – all dramatic silhouettes cutting the strangest (but most stylish) shapes.

Photography by Joe Davenport 

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  1. God sleeves like this look so good, but like you said 0/10 on the practicality scale. I can't imagine wearing these longer than ten minutes without staining them.

    Kelly Knows It | A life & style blog