Pristine Palettes for Spring

I’m not sure what Andy Williams was talking about when he crooned his classic Christmas hit, because the most wonderful time of the year is most definitely Spring. There’s a sense of optimism that comes when the mercury rises a little and the sun shines brighter (well, warmer). I mean, maybe, just maybe, we’ll have good summer this year? Maybe I’ll get a tan just from sitting in the park? Maybe we can actually use the BBQ? Maybe I’ll win the Euromillions? Okay, too far. But people seem happier. Londoners are friendlier. Men start prematurely taking their tops off in public which is always a funny sight to behold. But I’m not here to talk about taking clothes off, I’m here to talk about putting them on. In a desperate attempt to avoid an all-black sartorial overkill (and avoiding typical spring/summer clothes in retina-searing shades plucked from a Crayola packet,) I’m opting for light knitted layers of pristine chalk whites, ivory, the palest blush and buttermilk, grounded with black cropped flares – the jean du jour, if you will. Spring style – simple.

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