Taking Care Of Your Style

Clothes. They are the fabric of life (geddit?) Awful puns aside, and ignoring the fact that I’m utterly obsessed with fashion and therefore biased, clothes are a hugely important part of our lives. But with fast fashion creating an overwhelming influx of styles and trends, we’re buying more than ever – and quite often, this is totally unnecessary. Yet when we opt classic styles – think Parisian chic capsule wardrobe – or focus on the fundamental pieces, and look after them properly with a little TLC, they can really last and last. Underpinning my wardrobe are all of my favourite essential items – timeless pieces that’ll never go out of style – so I’ve teamed up with LG to show you my favourite outfits for three occasions, and how I keep them in top notch condition.

Sports Style 


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know how The Body Coach converted me into a regular gym-goer, so I spend a reasonable amount of time wearing my gym gear. Comfortable and functional sports bras, running tights and training tops are designed to be as fuss-free as possible when it comes to washing. At the end of the day, when you’re breaking a sweat so often in something, you don’t want to spend hours washing and drying them, so luckily these clothes are always designed with durability in mind. My sports style preference errs way towards the side of going into battle at the 75th annual Hunger Games rather than 1980s aerobics instructor, so there’s never a risk of colours clashing in the wash!

Desk-til-dusk dressing

Despite working in fashion, comfort is still at the forefront of my sartorial choices. Sharp, smart, tailored pieces with timeless appeal tick all of the right boxes for an office-appropriate ensemble that’ll still look just as cool in the bar for post-work cocktails. A simple linen-blend shirt, black jeggings (yes, I said jeggings!) are easy to look after. Throw them into the wash on 30 and hang them out to dry. The coat is dry clean, so I try my hardest not to have one too many drinks and spill an espresso martini all down the front of it.

Cosy night in


Once upon a time I used to have a social life. This was back when I was studying with minimal lectures, maximum disposable income (thanks student loan and part time job) and thus a hell of a lot of spare time on my hands to make all kinds of fun plans with my friends. Now that I’m working full time, balancing the gym four mornings a week, and keeping this little blog ticking along, the best kind of plans are cancelled plans. Or, plans that involve throwing on my comfiest clothes and curling up on the sofa, with or without a glass (bottle) of wine. It seems comfort is the underlying factor in all of these outfits, with this look compromising of wool-blend cardigans, a polyester fleece-lined top, and cotton jersey shorts. As they’re all such simple hues of grey and black there’s no panic in washing them all at once, although I’d avoid tumble drying any of them in case of shrinkage! Clothes for a cosy night in are supposed to be oversized for maximum comfort, after all!

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  1. In love with all of these, especially the second outfit. Nothing beats a crips blue shirt and black heels; I'm with you 100%. xo