4 Instant SS16 Styling Updates

My mind’s telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me yes. 

When it hits March, it’s safe to say that the opposite of this goes for fashion. My mind is telling me yes yes yes to all of the fabulous new season drops. Slip dresses – yes! Denim playsuits – yes. Sandals? Yessssss. But my body is most definitely saying no to it all, because despite last weekend’s sunshine, it’s still a little bit too frosty out there for bare legs and crop tops. But with just a few instant styling updates, you can bring a little SS16 into your everyday looks right now. Here’s how.

Extreme Turn-Up Cuffs

It’s nothing new that we’re currently in the midst of a hot and heavy sartorial love affair with denim, and I’m sure by now you probably noticed my feature on DIY frayed hem jeans, but if you really want to amp up the trend a little more then it’s all about extreme turn-ups. Whether you fold up the hems and take them into super cropped length (something a little late nineties/ early noughties revival about that, but in a good way) or you buy an extra long pair and fold them back, it’s a sure-fire way to update your denim.

Jazzy Socks
If there’s one thing we learnt from LFW, the easiest way to update anything from ankle-down is with some jazzy socks, with fishnet iterations, sparkly styles and rainbow stripes seen on the toes of the style set. There’s a surprising amount to be said for socks, with men regularly touting the humble drawer-filler as the perfect way to show a glimpse of personality against their strict yet suave tailoring. So take a lesson from the boys in this one, keeping your ensemble stripped back (think jeans and a T-shirt) and let your socks do the talking.


Sure, this is technically a bandana that was last worn to an S Club 7 concert back when I was 10 (along with cargo pants and light-up Sketchers, obvs) but it’s enjoying another round in the style limelight, seen on the necks of basically anyone and everyone with a fashionable reputation to keep up. Still not convinced? Check out Chloé’s AW16/17 show. A far more refined, elegant, and chic take on the neckerchief.

Skinny Scarves
Another noughties comeback kid, this time the skinny scarf is rendered with minimalist vibes. Simply entwine it around your neck against a camisole and perfectly tailored trousers for a pared-back chic evening look, or let it update your everyday basics with a playful new textural element.

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  1. I love skinny scarves and I've just ordered a pair of fishnet socks, I have a glittery Topshop pair currently and they certainly do make a difference to your outfit!x


  2. Love this post Sophie, i too am a big fan of the bandana neck tie. Love the way you write, informative and funny. Great read xx