The Cropped Flare Obsession Continues

Despite last season’s 70s comeback, full-length, fully-flared jeans (or trousers, for that matter) failed to make enough of an impact on me to actually force my supposedly-fashionable arse down to Topshop to pick up an affordable pair. Sure, I fantasised about having a pair. But I also simultaneously fantasised about having very long, very slim legs to slip into said flared jeans (along with being dirty stinking rich and owning penthouse in Knightsbridge and having 10 really fit boyfriends). But unfortunately you can’t have it all, and rather than choosing to look like a dumpy mum in flares, I opted out of the trend altogether in an all very Dragon’s Den fashion. I’m sorry flared jeans, I’m out. Yet still, there has been some form of sartorial hole in my life that can’t quite be filled by skinny styles…

Enter the cropped flare. Cuter, daintier, and way cooler than the could-be-your-mums flared jeans, this newer style is shaking up silhouettes all over the place. Having already fallen hard for my River Island pair last year and with us warming up to the spring/summer seasons (not really though – it’s still freezing) I figured it was about time to invest in a vintage-wash blue pair with cool, roughed-up frayed hems. Alas, the great British high-street gave no such denim. Instead, I picked up this almost-perfect pair from Miss Selfridge and went to town on them fraying the hems with scissors, tweezers, and a cheese grater, with Rihanna’s ANTI playing melodiously in the background. The result? These super cool, perfectly and personally customised frayed jeans. Oh, and a DIY blog post too.

Double bonus style points for these Gianvito Rossi dupes at £30 (smaller heeled version right here!)

photography by Carl Thompson

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  1. OMG those jeans, I have been looking for the perfect pair to purchase and fray and those Miss Selfridge ones are exactly what I was after! I can't deal with your backpack either, I spotted that in Topshop the other week and fell in love – it was all in that baby pink faux fur x

  2. I've wanted a pair of jeans like these for aggggges! never got round to buying any, but i think I'm going to have to now I've seen these photos! And each time i scrolled down to a new photo, I saw another thing i looooved about your outfit – basically I love everything about it! can i just have your wardrobe please! 🙂
    Anna xx

    Style & Anna