Nailing That “Natural” Beauty Look

Everyday when I sit in front of the mirror contouring, eyeliner-flicking, and coating up the layers of mascara, I thank the dear sweet lord (or at least I would, if I was religious) that makeup was invented to polish my less-than-perfect self into a slightly more perfected version. But whilst I love attempting to reach Beyonce-level flawlessness, sometimes life just calls for a more natural, easier-to-maintain makeup routine (like when you’re on holiday, or very hungover…) So when it’s all stripped back, these are my favourite products for achieving a natural beauty look – and trust me, it’s not a billion steps long. Nobody should have to ever make such an effort to look effortless, because that just defeats the whole point…

HD Brows

The Holy Grail of brows – HD Brows – have honestly changed my life. Yes, it seems hyperbolic, but it’s the truth. Imagine waking up everyday #browgamestrong without even having to do anything. Sounds great, right? Well it is. For those not in the know, it’s a 7-step brow treatment that includes waxing, threading, tinting, etc, to create the most incredible arched perfection. Once you find a HD Brow specialist that’s incredibly skilled and gets you, don’t let her (or him) go. The gorgeous London-based HD Brow specialist Shannon did my first ever treatment (check out her Facebook page to see everything else she does!) and totally understood how I’m all about full brows (Cara Delevigne eat your heart out) and did the most perfect job. I made the terrible mistake of letting another woman touch my brows for free at an event a month later and she waxed them so far apart (and uneven, might I add) that I swear there’s about 4 inches between my brows. Like I said, when you meet a good HD stylist, never ever stray. But if or when disaster strikes (or to keep them filled in when the tint begins to lift) I use Lancôme Sourcils Gel Waterproof Gel-Cream Eyebrow Pot with an angled brush to plump them up. It’s faultless. 

BB Cream

Let me introduce you to the product that converted a foundation addict to a BB Cream babe – Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB Cream. It’s a mineral-based product so you know it’s as good as you’ll get for an all day wear on your skin, and gives this gorgeously dewy yet full coverage with a lightweight finish. With a SPF of 25 it’s going to be keeping any harmful rays from wrinkling and ruining your skin, too. 

Mascara (that actually keeps straight lashes curled) 

I’ve always been jealous of those girls with super long, curly eyelashes. Unfortunately, whilst mine are relatively long, they are painfully straight, and no curling mascara seems to harbour the ability to keep them lifted. Cue Yves Saint Laurent’s False Lash Mascara. It actually holds the shape after using an eyelash curler, and even without using one is still turns my straight lashes into actual visible fluttery things. I’m sold – every time. 

Lip Balm

Because no matter how much we love matte lipstick, when your doing low-key, fuss-free makeup, maintaining a matte finish is a pain because it just gets dry and annoying. A little bit of balm is all you need. My Saviour? Carmex. Cheap, cheerful (I’m actually a sucker for the colour yellow) what’s not to love? 

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