Denim SOS: Yes, I am Actually Wearing Jeggings

Everyone knows I’m a girl who’s all about style and comfort. Jumpsuits – win (they are basically onesies, no?) Wide leg trousers – win (like daytime pyjamas!) Oversized jumpers – another win! (because they can hide the fact you may have eaten too much pizza) and Jeggings! Wait, jeggings? Those sort-of-denim-things that we all bought a few years ago but then forgot about? Yes, jeggings – that piece of clothing we once began to associate with sloppy dressers who’d team them with a dirty old hoody – have now been brought back into the style limelight, rendered in slick carbon black and vintage denim washes, yet retaining all of the comfort of your favourite leggings you care not to admit you spend most of your weekend lazing around the house in. Truth is, they never really ever went away. They just slipped a little bit (or a big bit) off the radar, replaced by other things such as disco pants (remember them?) and high-waisted jeans. But now they are back again, better than ever, ready to shed any bad reputation they ever got. The problem with their stricter, more restrained sister – skinny jeans – starts with the comfort factor. Tight and restricting, I’m pretty sure it’s against health & safety wearing them for too long sitting down in the office. They are difficult to get into (we all know the skinny jean dance, the one where you jump up down, wriggle around, trying to get them over all of your curves etc) only for them to lose their shape five minutes after getting them on. Oh, and then of course they constrict back after being freshly laundered. Until those 5 minutes of wearing pass and we’re back to baggy knees again. Yet striking the balance between jeans and leggings, jeggings eliminate these issues. Marks & Spencer’s pair err way more in the territory of denim, with their authentic jeans aesthetic fooling everyone from my colleagues to my housemates into thinking I was wearing just plain old skinny jeans. The bonus? Stretch power is a game-changer. If I was physically able to do the splits, then there’s no doubt that this stretchy, comfortable pair would allow me to do just that. 
Jeggings also eliminate fit woes. Being a petite pear shape with a very small waist and rather large hips/bum/thigh combo, you can guess that my main issue in buying denim is getting a pair that fit the larger parts without ending up with a gaping waist. I’ve always wondered to myself how Kim Kardashian even does denim with a body like that. But now I know. She’s clearly a fan of jeggings too. The super stretch allows you to buy them in a size that actually fits your waist, whilst the textile can expand to accommodate everything that’s on the larger side. Win win. 
Photography by Carl Thompson

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