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Denim – no longer relegated to just a casual thing you throw on when your hungover and late for work (although it still works an absolute treat for those days…), it has made a comeback to claim its title as firm fashion favourite. When designers started introducing denim to their runway lines – Gucci, Tom Ford, etc – we all knew it was back, and in a big way. Less 90s lazyboy grunge, more sartorial statement-making in an ever so cool and casual fabric. And it didn’t take long for high-street retailers to follow suit, with New Look leading the way with a denim revolution.

The best way to do it? Doubled up, of course, like this shirt and pinafore. And whilst it’s great to make a play for different pieces crafted from the textile of the season, you can’t beat the fuss-free appeal of jeans. I opted for throwing this inky, super soft, super skinny indigo pair on with a classic breton stripe top and another style set favourite, the khaki bomber (surely it has to be the pre-seasonal It-jacket?) Top it all of with the kind of brogues that would make Alexa Chung proud and you’re onto an easy win.

So, now you no longer need the excuse that you had a few too many Prosecco’s last night to throw on your favourite denim pieces, it seems this is one sartorial love affair set to go the distance.

Look 1: Denim shirt, pinafore, shoes, bag all c/o New Look
Look 2: Bomber jacket, top, jeans, bag, shoes all c/o New Look

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