The 10 Most Popular Posts From Fashion Slave 2015

2015 – what an incredible year! I try not to get too self-reflectory around this time as I focus too much on my shortcomings in life and usually end up moping around because I’m not yet a billionaire 24 year old model/ businesswoman/ superstar DJ that lives in a penthouse with a kitten called Jagger. This year, however, I’m set on focusing on the great, so here’s a selection of my most read, most shared, and most popular features of 2015. It’s been a real game changer for my blog in terms of content. As a fashion writer in my ‘real’ life it’s been more vital than ever to carry my skills for scoping a story and thinking of a new angle to look at a topic through into my blog life. Funnily enough, whilst my blog remains big on personal style, it’s the lifestyle posts that have been the most successful, simply because they appeal to every twenty something girl going through the same issues that I face, rather than readers who simply like to look at the clothes that I wear. For these posts, I’d like to thank my friends for encouraging me to drink too much prosecco with them, then bitching about their boyfriends and bodies and jobs at such a level it inspired me to write something about it all. In no particular order, here are the top 10 most popular posts of 2015.

This was written pre-Essena O’Niel drama. Just saying… 
Huge thanks to Joe Wicks for RT’ing this and posting my snap on his Instagram page – it certainly helped boost the views and made my oversharing nakedness worth the embarrassment. 
I still can’t get over the amazing feedback I got from this post from followers and friends. Although I lost the comments from disqus when migrating platforms, it opened a huge level of discussion from girls who had been feeling the same as me but couldn’t quite work out why, and whether it was normal. 
Can we? Researching and writing this post empowered me so much and taught me the importance of stopping playing the role of the ‘cool girl’ who’s so blasé about everything, because at the end of the day, you’re only hurting yourself. 
Helping others help themselves. Sharing (tips) is caring, as they say. 
Spent this post reminiscing over the times that I used to be fun. Wearing a faux fur bomber which is obviously fun, ironically. 
Well, it’s a bit late for this one now isn’t it? But there’s still some good tips in there for a generally healthy lifestyle! 
Another sharing is caring post. I had a few people tag me in their pictures after doing this – always good to see people actually trying your tips out!
Basically shouting out about feeling shitty about yourself.
Calling bullshit on the idea that women are ‘brave’ for going makeup free and that we should embrace our ‘natural, makeup free self’ in order to be beautiful. Shaming women for their choice to wear makeup is just stupid, and utterly anti-feminist. It’s not about how pretty someone is, it’s about confidence and choices. 

Here’s to an even better 2016!

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