New Season Style Essentials

Timehop is a brilliant app. All you need is to set up an account and check it daily to be transported back in time to see whatever you posted/photographed/tweeted/facedbooked on that very day 1, 2, 3 or however many years ago. Cue a mixture of sheer delight, warm and fuzzy nostalgia, or in most cases, utter shock and disgust at the results. Paparazzi-style snapshots of nights out clasping as many 2-4-1 WKD’s in the local club as I possibly could. Ex-boyfriends that I forgot even existed. Attention seeking Facebook statuses (Sophie Milner: hates being lied to. Men can be like sooooooooo annoying – cringe) And of course, a chronicle of the development of the side swooping fringe that every girl had, emo and chavs alike (just look at the driving license of every female born between 1989-1993 and she will be sporting this the extreme side sweep.) But the most haunting thing of all that comes back to put my ego in check is my fashion sense. 
Granted, I had what (I think) was considered an exciting, cool, and ‘fashiony’ style back then. But hindsight is a wonderful thing, and all I can now really summarise it as is that I appeared to have been dipped in glue and rolled around a vintage shop, coated in an array of retro florals and the kind of jewellery that’d make your Grandma green with envy. Fast forward 8 years, and the fashion overlords have been good to me, teaching me the joy in chic style and the power of a capsule wardrobe. New Look have hand-picked a stunning collection of fashion essentials for the start of SS16: a capsule of pieces striking the balance between well-loved classics (think striped tops and skinny jeans) and current It-items (sweeping culottes and bomber jackets). The result? Clean lines, precision tailoring, classic prints, muted hues, and the foundation of a seriously snappy dresser. Learning that less is more has certainly come to serve me well. Now excuse me whilst I go through my Facebook and untag every image of me from 2006-2012… 
All items c/o New Look with the exception of the black bag, leopard print bag, and black jacket. 

Photo Credit: Carl Thompson

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