9 Easy Ways To Get Inspiration for Blog Post Ideas

Writers block – or bloggers block, in this case – is a bitch. Sometimes you just lose your mojo and don’t know how to jump back on the horse and ride it straight back into blogging superstardom. But when I’m stuck for ideas theres a few go-to things and places for guaranteed inspiration. Plus, it’s a great way to experiment with new content and see what works for you. Thinking outside the box, picking up little details and turning them into features has helped develop my voice as a blogger and create better content. As a journalist, it’s second nature scoping out stories, trends, and new leads, and it’s a habit I use in my blogging too. So here are my top tips in getting inspiration for blog post ideas!
1. Friends
My most successful posts always seem to be my lifestyle and social commentary features, like the one about being a psycho girlfriend, and how taking the pill for 8 years turned me into a psychotic bitch. But these posts don’t just come out of nowhere. What always inspires these kind of posts is talking to my friends. And by talking, I mean getting pretty drunk and bitching about our boyfriends, other girlfriends, our bodies, our jobs, and everything in between. Friendships and conversations are the catalysts for great debate, which always make great blog posts. Plus, the topics are more general than just fashion or beauty, so strike a chord with a wider audience of women who feel the same way, so it’ll bring in more readers and followers, as well as developing a stronger personality and tone to your blog.
Is there something that’s bothering you and your friends? Then write about it! I can guarantee if your friendship group is feeling that, then other people will be feeling it too.
2. Magazines
In today’s publishing world, nothing can beat digital. Hey, we’re all here on a digital platform aren’t we? And whilst other blogs and online sites like Who What Wear and Refinery29 are likely to break the latest fashion news and trends, it’s still worth looking to high-quality printed titles for some inspiration. Vogue, Harpers, and Glamour do some brilliant features that are both current but also have lasting ideas, plus the quality of writing will be second to none. For less commercial ideas, don’t ignore independent titles!
3. Your Readers Comments
Yeah so a lot of the time, no matter what we post about, there’s a chance that many of the comments may be along the lines of “cute dress! you can check my blog out at www.imonlycommentingonyourblogsoicanleavemybloglinkandgetmorefollowers.com” but when your real readers leave something that’s solid gold, use it.
4. Other Bloggers
Copying? Really not cool. But when you read a blog post that strikes a chord with you, it’s great to use that as a starting point to write your own point of view on the same topic. The whole idea of blogging is that it’s personal to you, so bringing your idea and spin on something is a great way to share that. Always be sure to link back to the person who inspired your idea though – give credit where credit is due!

5. Twitter Chats
Scoping out conversations in Twitter chats with other bloggers – and joining in the chats too – is another great way to get leads for good stories. Whether it’s people talking about new apps to use or issues they have with blogging (I can almost feel a 10 things I hate about blogging! post coming along…) there’s sure to be something to pick out and write about. Stephanie from Coco Chic wrote a brilliant post on everything you need to know about twitter chats with a full list of all of the times and hashtags.
6. Your Life
Reveal some stuff about your life that people don’t already know. We’re all human, after all. Sometimes bad experiences – heartbreak, anxiety, bullying – can lead to good through the form of writing about it. Not only is it cathartic, but it could help other people who have been through the same thing. It doesn’t even have to be bad. Share little pieces of your life because at the end of the day, we’re nosy and like to know people. 
7. Have a Drink

Look, I’m not saying go get drunk and write loads of things and put it on the internet. Okay, that’s pretty much what I’m saying. So maybe it isn’t the best idea to write loads after a few Friday night tequilas and hit publish immediately, but a glass of wine or an espresso martini can certainly help the creativity at times.

8. Events  
Whilst it’s super easy to sit about and scroll through Instagram (guilty!), getting out to events can lead you to meeting new people and creating some interesting content. Taking some behind the scenes photos at some fashion show, private screening or glitzy party could be just the ticket to filling a content gap with something a little different than a “what to wear to…” post. Getting yourself out of the door and with new people will remove you from a bubble and get you thinking and seeing differently. 
9. Expand on past successful posts 
Ever written something that was super popular and still brings in the hits on your site? Expand on it. Time has passed and things have moved on but if it’s still bringing in the hits then clearly the post resonated with people, so revisit an old topic and opinion but with a slightly fresher perspective, plus it’ll drive more traffic back to your original post!

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  1. Some great suggestions – I always find if I have writes block check out twitter for what up to date social event is happening or anything related to popular culture helps, then relating it back to what my blog is about, fashion! x


  2. Hi Sophie,
    I have to write weight loss blogs for two sites, so I am always trying to come up with ideas – one way I find useful is to think about what I would like to read myself – for example, I wanted to know what gluten was and why people think it's bad, and what are the best before and after workout snacks, so I researched and wrote about them. Like you say in the last point, I also go back over old articles and see what springs to mind, what new insights I have on them, or expand on a point that I've made.

    I have an idea that you could maybe use about the concept of being 'high maintenance' – what people consider to mean high maintenance, if people think that they are themselves, how you can't tell just by looking at someone if they are or not – I have an example of a friend who looks like she isn't high maintenance at all with no make up and plain clothes and hair but actually expects her boyfriend to earn lots of money, wants dinners out, hotel trips etc. Also, there was a radio phone-in I heard where girls called in and said what they expect from their boyfriend or prospective boyfriend, and boys who phoned in and said how they always go for high maintenance girls, and actually can't get on with girls who are too easy going.

    Lastly, you are really beautiful and funny, and just the right amount of bitchy so that it's clear that you're a real person and not one of those bloggers who bleats on about her honesty and calls her readers friends, but who is actually a selfish, rude and inconsiderate liar, such as one blogger I had the misfortune to meet.
    Love from Barcelona!
    Laura xxx

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