Winter Style Fix: The Oversized Scarf

Winter, I have already discussed in great length my distaste for you. Despite a complete and utter adoration for winter style – the oversized coats, the ankle boots, and the chunky knits – nothing kills your fashion vibe quicker than a sudden downpour of rain and a blast of wind to the face. Plus, it totally ruins your makeup too. Luckily though, over the past few seasons, a more-is-more aesthetic has become in vogue when it comes to layering. Coats that were once deemed too hobo are now not simply hobo enough. As for scarves? The longer, the chunkier, the better. If it doesn’t rival that gargantuan monster that Lenny Kravitz rocked a few years back, then quite simply, you’re not trying hard enough. It’s got to be so heavily knitted that it looks like it’s on steroids, streaming with a frenzy of fringing like it has a mind of its own, and woven with a rustic patched-up aesthetic as though your gran might have knitted it after a few too many Christmas brandies.

Remember to try tick these boxes 
Does it have fringing?
Is it heavily woven enough? 
Does it weigh at least 7lbs?
Does it strangle you slightly?
Does it rival your duvet in terms of comfort? 
Would Lenny Kravitz wear it? 
If you answered yes to at least three of them, hit the buy button with immediate effect.
Who said winter fashion needs to be practical?
Coat H&M | Zara Jumper (similar here) | Topshop Scarf | Topshop Jeans (similar here) | Topshop Boots

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