Party Perfect Christmas Dresses

Nothing quite instils fear into me the way that parties do. Not because I hate socialising and drinking (because those are two things that certainly top my list of hobbies, although I’m in no rush to add them to my CV), but more, the panic of what the hell am I going to wear? Cue, an influx of outgoing texts to my friends:

What are you wearing tonight? 
What’s everyone else wearing? 
Shall I wear heels? 
Are YOU wearing heels? 
Is it an ankle boot occasion or not? 
Jeans and a blouse or a skirt? 
Smart casj or dressy-casj? 
To which my friends usually reply “not sure”
It almost makes me wish that we still lived in an era of Downton Abbey-esque pomp, where each event – be it a dinner party, night at the theatre, or cocktails at some new place – all had individual (and strict) dress codes, so that it was clearly dictated what one should wear. No chances of being underdressed, no chances of being overdressed. 
But there is never a better excuse to really get glammed up like Christmas. With the festive season in full swing, I’ve been looking at any excuse to put on something slinky, chic, and stylish. Although, the last thing you want is someone showing up wearing exactly the same as you. That bitchy glare you can’t help but give when some girl in another department from your office turns up to the work party wearing the same dress? Yeah, that glare really isn’t the best accessory. Forever Unique has all bases covered, with everything from pussy-bow jumpsuits in midnight black to thigh-grazing mini dresses, and floor-sweeping gowns worthy of a red carpet entrance. For more pared-back evenings out, there’s sleek blouses that are perfect for desk-to-dusk dressing. 
This week starts the #BeForeverUnique campaign, so if you are after something special to wear you can get your perfectly polished nails on something with up to 30% off. And what’s better: there’s so much choice, chances are that girl from the HR department won’t ever show up wearing the same as you (and of course, you’ll look way better.)
Treat yourself to something glitzy, because if anything, it’s Christmas. 
This post was sponsored by Forever Unique. 

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