6 Easy Ways To Prepare For A Killer 2016

*aka, how to get your shit together for the new year before it’s too late

New year, new you? Not necessarily. Same you, but better habits, a sharper mind, and a stronger focus. I love new beginnings. It’s a great way to throw away anything that may have been pulling you down, get over mistakes you’ve made, and start something with a fresh head and a heavy dose of positivity. So here’s 6 easy ideas on how to get sorted right now for the best 2016 you can possibly have.

Buy a planner/diary/organiser

Oldschool is the way forward so get yourself a diary or organiser to keep track of things. There’s something far more satisfying about writing all of your plans down on paper, rather than on an iPhone app or calendar. It feels good to physically strike things off a list with a pen as opposed to just deleting it off a note. My life (well, organisation) relies on my Filofax. It has everything written down – from blog posts that are scheduled and when, to all of my meetings – There’s a few specialised bloggers planners floating about for all of you other content creators out there. Get all of your major dates and plans scheduled now so matter how hungover you are when you wake up 1st January, you’re good to go. Plus, a calendar is another great way to keep it all in front of your eyes. I opted for vintage cats, because I’m a crazy old cat lady in the making.

Stop looking back and start looking forward

Self-reflection can be a trap, so instead of feeling guilty about what you might not have achieved last year, stop looking back and look forward to all of the things you hope to acheieve in the new year. Write lists – but don’t overdo it!

Establish long term and short term goals

Work out what you want from the year and give yourself basic dates to achieve them. So say, get a new job by the end of the year. Or earn a promotion in 6 months times. Or smaller ones such as start going to the gym 4 times a week. Setting ones with different time limits will help encourage you and keep you feeling as though you’re constantly climbing a ladder of success!

Detox Detox Detox

And I’m not talking starving yourself of all solid foods and going on a silly all-juice diet. No no (although skipping the booze and throwing in some more green tea and vegetables will do no harm…) But detox all of your clutter. Clear out your wardrobe to make room for new season things. Throw away clutter underneath your bed. Organise your desk. Colour coordinate your pants – do whatever to just get things fresh and neat and new!

Start new habits now

On the tube I keep seeing signs that say “think of three things that you are grateful for” with a sidenote saying there’s studies that prove that doing this daily improves positivity, happiness and wellbeing. If you’ve heard of The Secret, or the Law of Attraction, then you’ll know about this already. My friends at uni instilled this into me, and it sounds a bit hippy-trippy, but it does work! Maybe write them down each day in your planner so you’ll be seeing them far more frequently, reminding you of all the great things in your life.

Get your finances in order

Did you see that? It’s a tumbleweed, blowing through my lonely, deserted bank account. Christmas is EXPENSIVE, and unless you’re a millionaire who has some form of reading-servant regurgitating this post in a wistful British tone back to you, then chances are you probably need to revaluate your finances a little bit. Work out when you get paid, create a budget, and try stick to it in order to start the year off well. Freelance? Get your spreadsheets up to date and start sending those chase-up emails to companies!

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  1. Love love LOVE this post! I'm definitely a fan of a good clear out. I think people forget how many things they have to be grateful for- something I ought to remind myself of.
    VLEAI – Alisha