Why You Need a Statement Coat

Do you want to know an inappropriate time to be wearing over the knee boots, a leather mini skirt, and an oversized coat? 8am on a Sunday morning. Which just happens to be when these images were shot. Walking down the high street of the area where I live in London, I couldn’t help feel slightly hooker-esque whilst watching the street cleaners wash remnants of bar-hoppers vomit off the pavements. But as they say, it’s all in the name of Fashun, Dahling. 

I picked up this incredible monochrome coat from H&M having painfully lusted after Osman’s Alamo, yet with a price tag of £1350, it was way out of the reach of any mere human being on graduate wages. This coat has now become known as the “Cruella de Vil” coat, for it’s Dalmatian-like pattern and glamorous supersizing. Statement coats instantly inject any outfit with a dose of chic.I can wear this coat with my gym stuff and it still manages to look really cool. It’s like magic. No matter what you’re wearing, a statement style has the power to perk up even the most basic of basics. It’s like what am I wearing underneath here? A dress? A t-shirt? The clothes I wore in bed last night? Who cares?! It doesn’t matter! This coat looks FAB and that’s all that really counts!

Here’s my edit of the best high street statement coats 

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