What To Wear For Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is almost here! That strange, crazy British tradition where we celebrate that some man called Guy Fawkes failed miserably at blowing up the House of Lords way back in 1605 by sticking an effigy of his body onto a giant fire and setting off big sparkly fireworks. I’m not complaining – a little sparkle never hurt anybody, even if it’s loud and lasts about two seconds in the sky.
When I was a tiny Sophie, my grandparents used to put on the most brilliant display of fireworks in their garden (and a spread of the worlds best jacket potatoes you could ever indulge in.) But as we all grew older and moved away that stopped, and Bonfire night usually involves poking my head out of the window trying to see something – anything! – against the London skyline. Which is pretty impossible. 
Last year I went to an event in one of London’s supersized parks, complete with blaring music, gourmet food vendors (not a patch on Grandma’s Jacky P’s though – soz pretentious LDN) and fairground rides that seem just as exciting as they were when you were a child after you’d had a few tins of premixed G&T’s. I happened to make the awful faux pas of wearing heeled boots. It would have been fine, of course, had it not been raining all day. Cue sinking into the mud at all opportunities. 
So dressing for bonfire night is simple. Get super cosy by cocooning yourself in a giant jumper. If it’s not a roll-neck, don’t forget piling on a scarf! Layer up a coat. Wear some jeans (shorts and tights etc is way too try-hard, unless you’re watching from some fabulous city rooftop location then that’s a gamechanger.) Maybe add a bobble hat for good measure because that’s tres Bonfire Night chic. But definitely definitely wear good footwear. 
Lacoste’s premium black leather Rosolinn ankle boots are just the trick. Glossy, shiny, with a subtly Mod-ish silhouette, they are both chic and easy to wear. A luxurious leather and faux-fur lining ensures warmth, while the quality leather uppers provide support. Exquisite detailing includes burnished sections on the toe and heel, folded seams and a subtle, hidden zip and studded branding – offering a recognisable Lacoste twist on cold-weather trends. A moulded sole and padded footbed provide excellent all-day comfort for those long winter days – and standing around watching fireworks in the cold! Although, if it’s forecast to rain, I wouldn’t want to go ruining these gorgeous boots by sinking in the mud! 

Of course, gloves are an essential, but unfortunately my child-sized hands prevents any women’s gloves from fitting me, so I continue to lack in that department!

Love this look? Shop the outfit below now!

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  1. I've never really done much for bonfire night other than a few things when I was younger, I'd love to go to a proper bonfire with all my friends though, I would definitely wear something layered like this to keep warm!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane