Tonal Layering for Autumn/Winter

They key to autumn/winter style success is layering. Whether you’re cocooning yourself up in a duvet-like coat, supersized jumper, and giant scarf, or you’re slipping a faux fur gilet over a chunky knit, mastering the art of layering will get you through the chillier days. But sometimes it’s hard to make it work – what colours do I layer up? Will I look like I’ve done supermarket sweep in a charity shop using my body as a shopping trolley? Or will I just look like Joey in the episode of Friends where he wore all of Chandlers clothes? I get it, it’s harder than it looks! But follow these easy tips and it becomes a whole lot more simple.

Here’s the key: start off with keeping things tonal. Choose a base colour (I went for burgundy, because, so autumnal right?) then don’t stray too far from it. This look was lifted with the subtle mauve panels and alabaster stripes in this ASOS faux fur gilet, then grounded in black. Keep silhouettes simple, and don’t layer two super thick things over each other unless you really do want the Joey effect. And voila! Cool weather layering made simple.

Note the cropped flare jeans again. They have been getting a lot of air-time on my blog lately. I’m sorry skinny jeans, but there’s a new style in town with a more interesting silhouette that I just can’t get enough of.

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