How To Make A Marble or Wood-effect Flat Lay Background

I think I’ve learnt the key to success on Instagram. And it’s all about flat lays. Those constructed images of ‘reality’ of little lifestyle bits strewn so ‘casually’ on the floor… it just means like like like popping up all over the place. I mean of course my fave Topshop Muse boots just flicked off like that. And my copy of the Acne Paper from over two years ago was just open on that page. With my ASOS cateye sunglasses and phone lying on the top of it. And yes I do have a shrub in the middle of the floor because, well, flat lay. And yes, of course I have cool white floorboards in my house. Wait, what? No I don’t. I have a crappy biscuit coloured carpet. So how have I managed to get a cool looking background for my flat lay? Oh, and what about the marble one below too? I’m going to show you how to make a marble or wooden floorboard effect flat lay background.

We all know Instagram isn’t real, but that Essena O’Neill girl wasn’t kidding when she said it’s all lies. Unfortunately, very few of us have a gorgeous real marble floor in our bathrooms or kitchens. Nor do we have amazing bleached white wood floorboards. So a little trickery is involved. 
To make these boards, I went to the local B&Q and got a piece of plywood about 4-6mm thick cut to a panel around 2.5m squared (which unfortunately didn’t fit in the car very well, causing slight embarrassment in the carpark – so be warned!) You might be better off picking some up from a scrap yard or just check out what people are trying to get rid of on Gumtree in your neighbourhood. You could also use really thick cardboard as a base – or anything – so long as it’s large enough to be able to stand and take a decent picture!

Next you need to get hold of some adhesive vinyl/ sticky back plastic paper in the pattern that you want. I picked up this marble effect paper
and white wood floorboard effect adhesive paper
on for around £14 a roll, which was plenty for covering each side of the plywood in the different patterns. Applying the paper to the board can get a little tricky so you may need another pair of hands to help you to prevent any major air bubbles and bumps happening! Lay your board out on the ground, and peel off a few inches of the backing of the adhesive vinyl paper, lining it up to the top and sticking it down. With one hand, slowly start to remove the backing paper whilst smoothing the freshly exposed sticky paper down to the board with the other hand. If you get any major bubbles, pull it back up and try it again. Small ones can just be squished out super easily at the end. 

There you go, more proof that life on Instagram is a lie. But at least I’m not lying about it, right? 

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  1. Amazing! Ive been wracking m brains for ages on how to create this for a small business I'm setting up! I want to have pretty pictures for displaying my makes! This has helps so so much! Thank you 🙂 xxxx

  2. I always wondered if people actually did have lovely white wooden floors or marble tables, but I guess not haha. Definitely need to buy these two layouts would look great on my blog! x

    – Andreia (