Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow: My Unintentional Style Icon

When the last series of Game of Thrones premiered on the TV, my best friend’s boyfriend held a party in honour of the show, encouraging us all to dress up as our favourite character. For lack of a GoT-themed costume readily available in my wardrobe, I just showed up in jeans. I mean, was I really going to spend four hours braiding my hair to get Khaleesi style locks, or using my expensive makeup to draw on a beard and eyeliner to mimic Khal Drogo? No (although I definitely considered the latter.) But now, thankfully, when the new series launches, I shall be prepared. Whilst wearing this supersized, mixed-faux-fur patch Story of Lola coat in the hospital yesterday, the dear male receptionist said “You remind me of Jon Snow in that coat.” Erm, Thanks, babe. That’s what I’ve been waiting for all of my life. He then preceded to tell me “It’s good though. It’s like you have wings. Like a crow.” Oh well, even better. But in fairness, you can totally see what he means, can’t you?

Luckily for this chatty receptionist, I’m a nerdy GoT fan. So whilst most people would have been perhaps slightly taken aback by this comment, I found myself complimented (albeit in a slightly weird way.)
But there is something somewhat costume-esque about faux fur. When people ask me what I love most about fashion, the answer always stems from the same thing. Fashion has the power to transform you. A well tailored suit can give you power. A beautiful dress can give you a new sense of confidence. Sexy underwear can unleash a certain boldness – even if it’s only you that knows that you’re wearing it. And I’ve already spoke in length before about the Cinderella Effect of high heels. But nothing makes you feel quite as fabulous (or like Jon Snow) as faux fur. (And yes, faux fur was said in a sassy FABulous kind of way)
This Story of Lola coat is fabulous, frivolous, and just really effing brilliant. With patches of shaggy Mongolian style fur mixed with shorter, soft shaved patches, it’s a creation that’s all about movement. Whenever I throw it on, I get the urge to sort of jump up and down in it or say something along the lines of “Winter is Coming”. Then you can’t ignore it’s size. It owes half of the drama due to it’s supersized nature – which is perfect for balancing with slim leg, skinny, or cropped flare jeans. 
Whilst this coat is sadly sold out, Story of Lola still have an amazing selection on ASOS (who also still has 20% off for students!) Plus this particular one which is a dead ringer for the one that I have. 
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  1. Woahhhh major coat envy! And the whole Jon Snow vibes, well it just makes me love it more! xx

  2. That is one fabulous coat indeed! Now all you need is someone near you to say 'winter is coming' periodically. I quite fancy myself one of these now, so definitely going to check out your suggestions!

    Fii | little miss fii