Layering the Roll Neck

Oh sweet, snuggly roll neck, was it not only the other week that I was professing my love for you? And here I am, once more, trying really hard not to repeat myself all over again. We all know that layering comes in at number one in the British Wintertime Fashion Survival Guide (ok this doesn’t exist, but I think someone should probably make one…) and the roll neck has to be this season’s ultimate layering piece. Wear one under a shirt dress, kimono jackets, sleeveless jacket, and sleeveless knitted pieces. Try to keep it a jersey iteration so that you don’t look too bulky (like I sort of do in these photographs. I promise I haven’t quite packed on the winter pounds quite as early as October.)

It’s come to my attention that this outfit is a fully fledged retro revival of rainbow-resplendent shades, bordering on costume, thanks to the overload of suede and acid bright stripe jumper. Margot Tenenbaum – this season’s muse (not to mention Gucci’s girl) – eat your heart out. Sunglasses at the ready, retina-searing shades are apparently the look du jour this autumn/winter.

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  1. This outfit is a total dream! I have literally just finished writing a blog post in which I practically confess my love for roll necks – I just can't get enough of them lately!x