5 Ways to Keep Motivated to Exercise Through Autumn/Winter

. And whilst that traditionally means staying in and drinking copious amounts of red wine by the fire, munching on cheese to bulk up your fatty layers against the cool climes, and spending every last precious second in bed before stepping out onto the miserable it’s-still-dark-at-9am street, I just booked a holiday to Thailand for New Year’s, meaning I must keep working on honing that goddess body I so desperately need. There ain’t no rest for the wicked. Summer bodies are made in winter, so keep up your 2k15 figure and push it even further with these 5 easy ways to stay motivated to exercise through autumn/winter. When you start peeling off your clothes next spring, it’ll be like a beautiful, well-toned, 6-pack adorned butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. Trust me, your Instagram account will thank me for this .

1. Sleep In Your Gym Gear

This ones for all the really lazy girls out there like me. There’s no better way to start the day than hitting the gym. It makes you feel amazing, helps you to make healthier choices throughout the day, plus, it gets exercise out of the way and you don’t have to worry about motivating yourself to go after work (which we all know is hard enough work as it is before even lifting a weight). But obviously, forcing yourself up and out of the bed at 6am when it’s cold, dark, and raining outside is no easy feat. If you sleep in your gym gear, however, you’re already half way there. Simple, semi-stupid, but effective. And for all of you people who think “ew well you sweat in your sleep” well you’re going to get even sweatier in the gym anyway (and if you don’t then you’re not working hard enough).

2. Get a gym buddy

A gym buddy can help you focus, push you harder, and encourage you to try new things. Everyone has their own individual strengths so you can share that. Nobody wants to let people down, so arrange a gym date and stick to it. Plus it makes it more fun being able to spend time with a friend rather than being alone.

 Problem: they can encourage you to not go. Or to get a burger after your workout. In this scenario, dumping your training partner is totally allowed.

Don’t make your training partner the fit guy you fancy in the gym, it will most definitely end in you trying to force your way out of your 1 gym year contract.

3. Be a (sort of) Social Media Gym Dick

Post your progress online. I find that posting pictures and getting a rapport via likes and comments encourages me to do those things more. For example, a billion likes on that healthy courgetti meal encourages me to continue eating more healthily. The same goes for gym pictures, bikini pictures. Yes, you may feel (and come across) like one of those social media gym douches, but the fact that it’s public means it’s accountable, you have to keep things going or you’re going to look like even more of a dick. Perhaps no sweaty gym selfies, and no OTT humble brags, but a snap of your gym gear etc is completely below the dick margin. Just don’t #forget #to #hashtag #fitfam #fitness #eatclean #eatcleantraindirty 

4. Treat yourself to some new gym gear

Nothing gets me going at the gym like a new pair of jazzy gym leggings, a cool new top, or a fresh pair of trainers. Super bold patterns aren’t necessarily the way forward (you’re easier to catch people’s eye if you slip and fall off the treadmill). My preference is dark, subtle patterns, with mesh inserts and maybe a colour-pop sports bra. Forever 21 make some incredibly affordable and stylish gymwear, whilst surprisingly, Gap make some really standout leggings.

5. Get Some Home equipment

Sometimes, the weather is just too vile to deal with. It is Britain after all. But as the Body Coach says, no equipment, no excuses. HIIT training is easy to do at home and there are plenty of YouTube videos you can do on the days you don’t fancy hauling your body out into the crisp cold air. I also picked up a £50 set of adjustable dumbbells from a charity shop for £20, so don’t skip looking there as these will transform your home workout.

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  1. Sleeping in workout gear it actually genius! I'm doing this tonight, will tweet you if I make it out for a run!