Summer Workwear: Day To Night Style

Being a fashion writer, I have a stylish reputation to keep up. You can’t work in fashion if you don’t look the part! As you might know, I live and work in London. It’s such a buzzing, vibrant city and I love working there, but there’s no such thing as a 9-5 job when you are a writer. There are brunches with brands in the morning, deadlines to hit in the afternoon, and then after work drinks in cool new bars or launch parties in the evening- it’s nonstop. You can’t afford to miss anything, so you’ve got to make sure that you’re wearing something that’ll impress from day to night. Plus it can get seriously heated in summer and I find myself wondering what to wear to work during the summer. Switching between cabs and tubes all day can take its toll and it’s sometimes hard to know how to beat the heat in style. 

An oversized T-shirt tucked into a sleek split skirt is a light, airy, and seriously slick style for days spent dashing around London in the inner-city heat. It’s a chic, stylish look that’ll impress your boss and then have people asking “Oh my god where did you get that?“ at the bar later on. Being a fashion writer, you never know where you’ll end up or who you’ll end up meeting, but with this classic outfit combination you’ll always know that you’ll be nailing essential day to night style

What’s your summer workwear personality? Dorothy Perkins have created the ultimate quiz to determine your workwear style ! Are you a day-to-night dresser like me? Or functional meets fashion? See the full personalities over on the Dorothy Perkins website. 

Skirt | Shoes | Top | Bag – All c/o Dorothy Perkins

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