Doing Double Denim With A Skirt & Chambray

Had any of you told me I’d be the proud wearer of a double denim ensemble a few years back I’d have laughed in your face. If you ask me what I think of the double denim trend in 5 years time I’ll probably laugh in your face again, then tell you how much I regret ever wearing it so casually at the tender age of 23. It’s just one of those tricky trends that keeps plummeting into the depths of fashion exile- reserved only for losers stuck in a 1990s or 1970s time capsule- then coming shooting right back into the height of hotness, being hailed as the coolest and edgiest look to work simply based on the fact it was once seen as so bloody ugly. Everyone who tries it is a fashion maverick because, quite simply, making something so wrong look so right is a pretty solid style accomplishment.

With the seventies revival in full swing and the last few seasons nineties trend still simmering along in the background too, it’s no surprise that double D is proving to be such a hit again. Instead of working a denim jacket and jeans combination, I slipped into this season’s hottest style skirt: the denim button up. With so much choice of high quality skirts in this style I was pretty surprised to pick this one up from Forever 21 for only £14 after seeing my friend Sarah totally rock it on her blog (it’s only available online in white now!) I always expect to feel either like a massive loser or all East London-edgy when I do double d, but I actually felt cool. And not even in an ironic way.
Styling chambray with denim is an easy take on the trend, plus pairing a super light shade of blue with a deeper indigo colour makes things look less Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001. 

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