Lazy Girl’s Guide To Nailing Style AND Comfort

Whoever said beauty is pain clearly never wore a jumpsuit. They were most likely too busy falling from their vertigo-inducing high heels or massaging their sore biceps from lifting their heavy vintage Chanel bejewelled hands to notice the simplistically chic beauty in pairing a jumpsuit with flats.

Since normcore actually became a thing a couple of years back, it drilled into my head the idea that you don’t have to get dressed to an inch of poised perfection to be chic AF. This was an amazing revelation to a girl that never left the door without a minimum of 3.5inch additional heel height.
Style CAN be comfortable in so many ways. Hallelujah! But there are certain limits to remember before we all start leaving the house in pyjamas. The secret? It’s all about confidence, more than anything. If you’re confident in something, then it’s comfortable. If you are comfortable, then you are confident. If it’s neither, then there’s a good chance you probably look and feel a bit like a dick.

In fairness, there’s little more that’s comfier than a jumpsuit. Especially this super soft chambray jumpsuit by Baukjen*. It has a loose oversized fit that gets cinched in with the tie belt. Plus, it nails the SS15 super-trend of denim everything. It’s an essential for the lazy girl and makes hangover struggles a hell of a lot more stylish.

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