Daniel Wellington Watches: The Tiniest Little Details

Without wanting to sound too sentimental about fashion and appearances, I find that creating an outfit sometimes seems a little bit like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Okay, not only does that sound sentimental but it sounds cheesy too. It is true, however, in the way that we play around with clothes and accessories and try and find things that fit to create a whole perfect image. Some pieces simply don’t and won’t work together. You can try and mash them together as much as you want, but it’s probably going to look pretty shit in all fairness. Since owning a Daniel Wellington watch it always seems like my outfit is incomplete without one. The tiniest bit of arm candy can pull together an entire outfit, from picking up the silver in your earrings or bracelet, or complementing the rose gold in your jacket’s zip fastening. Their minimalist simplicity leads to timeless versatility. My two favourites have to be the Classic Sheffield Lady* and their new release, the Classy Sheffield* and you can get 15% off for the rest of May at Daniel Wellington with my special discount code fashionslave. 

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