What’s so Awkward about “Awkward Length” Trousers?

Online retailers have a great way at selling things to us. They like to use pretty words to describe things and make us want to buy their stuff, like floaty, tailored, easy-to-wear, fit and flare, but awkward? That’s just a bit, well, awkward, isn’t it? It hardly seems the best selling point for a largely commercial online retailer. Yet after just a quick search on ASOS gives you at least 8 results of awkward length trousers. 

So what actually classifies as being an awkward length? Basically, it’s a trouser length that’s pretty difficult to wear in terms of other traditional trousers and jeans. It falls somewhere between your classic, easy-to-wear ankle length trousers (see what I did there?) and one of the style hero pieces for 2015: the culotte.

I’ll admit that wearing these out and about did cause a bit of confusion. The facial expressions that met my face read a little bit like “Are you wearing cropped trousers that are too long for you? No, you’re wearing trousers that are too short for you! But wait, you’re pretty short, so that can’t be possible, can it? I don’t know. Your jeans are making my brain hurt.” Then they would carry on into the day thinking that they might have to make a trip to Specsavers to clear up any concerns they might have about their vision.

If anything, culottes and midi-skirts are the most awkward length you’re going to get (unless you regularly don underwear-skimming mini skirts or enjoy flared trousers that are so long they collect street waste as you walk). They cut off at the most awkward point of our lower leg: right at the widest part of our calves, completely accentuating it. I’d rather not bring attention to the largest part of any of my limbs, thank you. These *awkward* jeans, on the other hand, hit you just above the ankles and have a far more slimming and leg lengthening effect. Plus there’s bonus fashion points for nailing the denim trend with the deep indigo hue and frayed edges.

So perhaps we should go about rebranding these length trousers as “surprisingly flattering trousers” instead.

Missguided Jacket* 
| Forever 21 Top* (similar here)| ASOS Jeans | Zara Mules | Forever 21 Bag* 

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