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Suits can be so formal sometimes they err into the territory of the banal and boring. Especially pinstripe ones. And who can blame us in think this? You only need to talk a walk around the financial district in London to see a severe overspill of balding city bankers overspilling from the waistbands of their pinstripe suit trousers after one too many expensive client dinners at Duck & Waffle. Of course they can also be totally sexed up red-carpet style (Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking anyone?) but when you go for slouchy tailoring and pair it with a pair of clean white Lacoste trainers, you get an almost entirely different look. It’s what pared-back scandi-chic styling is all about.
Lacoste’s classic Carnaby silhouette is reintroduced into the women’s collection this season as part of the heritage court trend. The court-inspired style comes in a classic monochrome palette with croc-embossed leathers contrasted against the subtle nude lining and retro gum outsole. But it wouldn’t be a classic Lacoste shoe without the crocodile embroidered on the side, of course.

For those of you youtube lovers out there, I’ve finally got round to creating a Youtube Channel. I’m a complete newbie and it’s currently in the first stages, so no judgement for the lack of knowledge around the whole Youtube phenomenon. There will be loads of exciting new things coming up on my channel, from fashion how-to’s, some lifestyle bits and bobs and maybe even a bit of beauty (although it’s a well known fact I only ever wear the same hair and same makeup so that’s probably going to be pretty limited…)

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photos by Carl Thompson 

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