Beauty Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

There’s a few myths that surround fashion bloggers. One that I’m always facing is the automatic assumption that we are also obsessed with beauty products and are dying to get our hands on the latest facial serums that probably contain the placenta of a rare and exotic sheep that can only be born via miraculous conception like the baby Jesus. And who can blame people for thinking this? When the fashion industry is based so heavily on appearance it seems only natural to think that I’d indulge in the latest beauty trends too. But whilst for many fashion bloggers the world of fashion and beauty go hand in hand, I’m in no rush to go all Harry Styles on you and put some sheep guts on my face. In fact, far from it. I can categorically state that I fall somewhere far beyond the realms of beauty expertise. I might love the power of makeup, but don’t let this glossy exterior fool you: I’m a secret beauty slob. So without further ado, here are all of the dirty beauty confessions of this particular fashion blogger.

  • I nearly always forget to take my makeup off at night. I can hear the gasp of a thousand disgusted beauty bloggers. You know that 6 step night time skincare routine?  Never heard of it. I usually just crawl into bed only to realise my makeup is still on when I’m all wrapped up in my duvet like pulled pork in a toasted burrito. There’s no retrieving me from that state. I know, I’m lazy and gross. This leads me to the next one… 
  • But I do sometimes use face wipes. When I’m feeling extra special. But I keep being told this is a complete cardinal sin of the beauty world? So perhaps I’ll just stick to falling asleep with my mascara on. 
  • Okay fine I sometimes use Clinique too. But only when I have night-time showers… 
  • I take great delight in squeezing any spots or blackheads that I might get. It’s brilliant. Whoever doesn’t enjoy this is a liar.
  • I let other people squeeze my spots or blackheads. Because some other people like to get in on the gooey action too. After all, sharing is caring.
  • Then I don’t really ever cleanse afterwards. What can I say? Maybe I like clogged pores.
  • When money is a bit tight and I need new makeup, I’ll just head to the department stores to ‘try samples’. Over and over. Until the woman at Selfridges eventually recognises me and the fact she’s given me 10 sample bottles of their latest release foundation… 
  • I’ll wear makeup to the gym. Not a full face with lipstick too, but I’d happily slap some BB cream and mascara on. My gym is 4 whole tube stops away, and that’s 4 whole stops I don’t want to be caught out feeling ugly and gross. 
  • I basically wear the same makeup everyday/night. It’s just a slight variation of the smokey eye and cat flick, dependent on how sexy and adventurous I’m feeling. So don’t be expecting any makeup tutorials on my youtube channel because it’ll most likely be pretty limited! 
  • I bite my nails. It’s a habit I’ve kicked three times, but always sunk back into. Of course I’m completely aware that it’s meant to be as germy as licking a toilet seat, but apparently so are men’s beards, and that’s never stopped me from kissing a bearded man before. 

Are you a self confessed beauty slob like me? Go on, tell me your secrets… 

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