Act Casual

As fun as it is getting dressed up and feeling as chic as Carrie Bradshaw walking down 5th Av., I always get some enjoyment from completely pared-back casual dressing. Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit lazy? Nobody wants to make the effort all of the time. My off-duty uniform always involves black skinnies and an oversized shirt or t-shirt with loose bed-hair waves.
These shots were taken over in a dance studio in Woolwich by the wonderfully talented photographer Ella H. One of the things I find about being a fashion blogger is the importance in working with photographers that you have chemistry with and that make you feel comfortable. What I’ve learnt the hard way is that if you feel uncomfortable or like a dick whilst posing for someone then you’re more than likely going to look like a dick in the pictures! Believe me, when I first started shooting my outfits I definitely had a severe case of Awks Face. Luckily I’d worked with Ella before, and although I’m clearly no model, I’ve posed in front of a camera so many times before now that I no longer feel like a complete self-obsessed wanker. Hope you enjoy these shots!

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