Like Girls & Boys? Then You'll Like Girls & Boys Magazines

What is it that’s still so special about picking up a heavy, high quality bi-annual magazine? Of course the obvious reason is that you can take a wonderfully cliche Instagram picture next to your latte (bonus points if it’s a green juice that tastes like dirt) and let your 15k followers think you are so magnificently cultured for straying past your usual commercial choice of Cosmopolitan. But there’s more to it than just those 350+ likes. 

Girls magazine and Boys magazine are bi-annual printed and online publications celebrating new model talent. Printed on beautiful matte paper, every page features minimal black and white photographs of the industry’s upcoming girls and boys that capture their personalities in a way no regular editorial usually would. Working closely with the model agencies, the site was created as a platform for brands and casting directors to head to for new talent. 

If I asked you to reel off the name of the top female models, most likely you’d hit back with Cara, Kendall, Jourdan, Gigi… or something along those lines. As for the guys, you’d probably struggle after David Gandy, and timidly offer up the suggestion of David Beckham as a desperate attempt to fill in the gaps of your male-model knowledge. But if you really want to know who’s going to be landing the best campaigns and walking in next seasons shows, then this will be your beautiful persons bible. 

It’s publications like Girls and Boys that show that no matter how far we move into the digital world, there will always be a place for print. 

For more photos, check out their twitter and instagram. Just please don’t blame me if your self esteem takes a slight hit after staring at these beautifully chiselled people.

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