5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

It’s Friday, the sky is BLUE and BBC weather app is telling me it’s 12 degrees and tomorrow is going to be an almost-scorching 13. Get your crop tops on ladies and head down to the pub for an ice cold bottle of Rekorderlig on ice. Okay, maybe it’s too premature to go that wild about it (nobody wants to be that guy, you know the pasty topless one in the park swigging a tin of Special Brew on the first remotely warm day of the year) , but with spring just around the corner, your wardrobe might need of a detox for the new season. 

Remove & Sort

Start spring cleaning your wardrobe by taking everything out. Yep, all out. Sort it into piles of essential wardrobe items, things you like but don’t wear very often, and things that you never wear anymore.

Ask yourself these questions:

When did you last wear it?

When might you wear it again?

Did you look really look that hot in it last time you wore it?

If the answer to these questions follows a pause of more than 5 seconds then cast it off into the reject pile!


Be Brutal

I once read somewhere that the feelings we get when buying something new and exciting stems from the same part of the brain as the sensation of falling in love. I fall in love with clothes all of the time (men- not quite so often) so as you can imagine, my wardrobe is often bursting and overflowing into every other storage space in my flat. But I also fall out of love very quickly, so I find it very easy to be brutal and ditch items that I don’t need from my wardrobe. Unless it’s vintage, you’ll probably find it on eBay anyway if you seriously regret getting rid of it…


In my future walk in wardrobe, everything will be organised in alphabetical order of the designer or label. Acne Studios, Balmain, Balenciaga, Chanel… you get the picture.  Creating reference points in your wardrobe means it’s easier to remember items that you have and pick them out and style them up quicker. But for now I’m going to settle with other methods of keeping things simple, smart and organised in this wardrobe detox.

My favourite way to organise clothes (don’t judge me) is by colour. So when the sun’s out and you’re thinking you want something orange there’s zero rummaging around because you can see it sitting in a perfectly colour coded section. 

Plus, folding things is overrated. You can’t see what’s really there so maximise the hanging space by removing shelves. 

Visualise and Restock

Okay so you’ve almost purified and detoxed your wardrobe, is what you see what you want? Identify what you’re not happy with – maybe you’re missing a bit of colour or lacking in the dress department? This will help curb your spending habits in the direction of useful things that you are lacking! Only buy things that your wardrobe needs.

Storage & Selling

So now you’ve got a super clean, coordinated, detoxed wardrobe, but you have gained a floordrobe of rejects. What now? Out of this pile of low calibre clothing, organise into what you could sell on eBay or depop (brands like Topshop and Zara always sell), what can go to charity (less known brands, old smelling mysterious things, ex boyfriends clothes) and what can go into storage. 

Be smart. The AW15 shows are in full swing so you probably have an idea of what will work in your wardrobe later on this year. Put heavy knits and coats into storage rather than completely ditching them. Plus, good knitwear will work as a great alternative to a coat or jacket as it gets a little bit warmer! 

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