5 Reasons Why Wide Leg Trousers are Your New Fashion BFF

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It’s been long established now that one of the biggest trends for SS15 is the Seventies. Every store you look in or magazine that you open is saturated with sepia tones, double denim, and styling that looks like it has been copied directly from some sun-bleached vintage Woodstock photos. Having been a skinny jean convert for around 8 years now, I decided it was about time to move on and find a new go-to fashion piece. Welcome the wide leg trouser, my personal game changer for this season. This silhouette has always scared me slightly: I have deemed it far too dramatic in all of its swooshy, flared glory. After all, wide leg trousers were my wardrobe staple during my Sk8r Girl days (thanks for that, Avril Lavigne) and that’s not a part of my life I’ve been overly keen to relive… But now they seem way more Studio 54 glamour rather than a grungy-punk-teen-diva. Here are my 5 reasons why wide leg trousers are your new fashion BFF for SS15.

  1. They are basically pyjamas. Let’s face it, who really wants to wake up and get out of their pyjamas? I’d happily stay in mine all day if I could. You know those scraggy but oh so comfortable tartan pyjamas your mum bought you for Christmas 6 years ago? These are better. Light, airy, and baggy enough to swoosh about the house in. Lazy dressing never looked quite so chic. Pair with a kimono jacket for a seriously relaxed seventies PJ vibe. 
  2. Amps up the glamour factor. They may feel and (sorta) look like pyjama bottoms, but they also have all of that glamour from a 1970s Vogue shoot. Elegant, timeless, and disgustingly chic, think Bianca Jagger in Studio 54. Now all that’s needed is a rock star husband. 
  3. The fit is a game changer for Pear Shapes. All you pear shapes out there answer me this: are you fed up of trying your size on in skinny jeans and slim fit trousers to find they are super tight on your thighs but then about 2-5 inches big on your waist? If I was an emoji right now, I’d be the little brunette girl sticking her hand in the air. But the joy of wide leg trousers means you can buy the size that actually fits your waist, because the loose legs means you’re not going to be squashing all your thighs into something as restricted as you get with skinny fits. This leads me to number 4…
  4. They are super flattering. Fellow pear shaped ladies take note! There’s such a joy in wearing something so tent-like in silhouette: it hides your thighs, accentuates your waist, and lengthens your leg, meaning your body is getting completely balanced out. 
  5. They make your bum look great. Now I won’t promise that these trousers will turn you into Kim Kardashian. Who wants an arse so big that it has its own gravitational pull anyway? What I will promise you is that wide leg trousers will definitely enhance your assets (sorry, simply could not resist the pun). Whether it’s big or small, I guarantee a pair of high-waisted wide leg trousers are going to make your bum look peachy AF. 

Thank you, Fashion Overlords, for reincarnating wide leg trousers from the grungy pop-rock grave they shared with Avril Lavigne.

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