Weird Things I Overheard At LFW

What do you get when you throw a bunch of the chicest fashion people in the country together at the biggest bi-annual fashion event there is? (Apart from sheer envy induced by an onslaught of beautifully styled outfits, of course…)
You get an earful of OTT commentary that enters total diva-territory when brought out of context. So here I am, bringing it to you completely out of context.
We all know the outfits can be weird and wonderful, but so are the things you happen to overhear. Whoever said that the fashion world is a bitchy one was probably a little bit right… Read my list of the weirdest things I overheard at LFW.

“I’m going to get pregnant for next fashion week because I might get photographed more if I bring a cute baby”
“I got my septum pierced just for fashion week and now my nose is so infected it hurts even to breathe the air” 
“Oh, so that’s why she’s wearing those supersized stripper heels… She has a STANDING ticket. I guess she’s gotta see the show somehow”
“I don’t care if there’s only popcorn in the Frow bag, it’ll make me look like I was actually on the Frow if I have one”
“I’m pretty sure the reason nobody has taken my photograph today is because I haven’t drawn my eyebrows on big enough”
“Oh my god my picture is on the Daily Mail!” (note, this was said in glee, not despair)
“Yeah I know who you are, but I don’t follow you on Instagram”
“Your hair is so fluffy I just want to snuggle in it”
“Do that again but this time smile as if you’re happy rather than in pain” 
“She seems so much more interesting on Instagram. Some people should just stay in the digital world” 
“Yeah you can take a picture of my shoes, but it won’t be pretty… I have no toenails” 

Photo taken LFW SS15 via Danielle Ward @ Little Fash Bird 

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