The Secret to Over The Knee Boots That Don’t Slip

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When I knew that over the knee boots were coming back in fashion I panicked. Images of myself resembling a poor imitation of J-Robs in Pretty Woman circulated through my mind, with just a touch more thigh fat and about 8 inches in height loss. But the more these boots infiltrated magazines, and most importantly, my instagram explore feed, the more I needed to get my hands on a pair. When worn with oversized knits or vintage dresses they looked far more chic than streetwalker. And you can’t forget the importance of going for a classy textile: soft suede is always going to be less hookerish than full on garish black PVC.
A couple of months back I tried a pair of the Control 2 over the knee boots from Topshop and I told you all how fabulous they were and that they had all of this amazing padding which kept them from slouching. Well, I lied. I didn’t mean to, I was just under the impression that they stayed but after several wears slowly but surely they began to slouch.
Want to know what doesn’t look chic? Me walking around the street stopping after 10 steps to hoist my boots back up my leg. And repeating this over and over thinking how do I stop my over the knee boots from slouching?  When you’re walking around in London that’s hardly practical, unless you fancy some arsey commuter smashing into you, dropping his coffee on you, and not stopping to apologise. But you can’t just let them slouch either. Slouchy boots are far too Pre-Kanye Kim Kardashian back in 2007 for my liking.
The bizarre thing is, I don’t have slim thighs. Let’s just say they are definitely a more voluptuous part of my body. So whilst I was completely frustrated from stop-start walking and pulling my boots up, there was a slight satisfaction to it all. “Have I lost weight?” I was thinking. “Maybe I should eat some more burgers and then they might fit better?” (any excuse right?)
It’s a good job I held back on the burgers. What I didn’t know was that the secret to over the knee boots that don’t slip is that they have to fit the calf in a perfectly snug manner. Enter DUO Boots: masters of over the knee boots that don’t slouch. They go by shoe size AND calf measurement to ensure the perfect fit. With this pair of Vespa boots I went down a calf measurement to ensure a super secure fit, and like magic, not once have I ever had to stop to pull them back up.  They don’t just do over the knee boots, but they have knee high, calf boots, ankle boots, and brogues, plus you have to check our their amazing new Spring Summer 15 collection dropping at the minute.

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