Khaki Green Doesn’t Have To Be Drab…

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Olive, pea, or forest green. You can use all of the imagery an English Lit teacher can throw at you  to describe it, but there’s still no changing the fact that green can be a pretty drab colour. I only need to look outside my window and see some withering conifers and I’m usually put off. And khaki, what can really be more boring than wearing a colour that’s popularity stems from military uniforms? A Saturday night in playing scrabble with your Nan sounds more appealing than the word khaki. 

Still, bizarrely, we get a colour palette dictated to us season after season that makes us think that one colour is suddenly a lot cooler than every other shade on the spectrum. This time, thanks to Balmain, Preen and Pucci’s army-inspired AW14 collections, some trousers, a roll neck, a dress, and now a duster coat in the blase dirty green hue somehow seemed to have crept into my wardrobe. Fashion is weird isn’t it?
What’s even weirder is how in love with the colour I suddenly am. Rather than seeing a drab uniformal shade of blah, I’m looking at clothes in these colours saying “ooh, look how earthy and natural it is!” I’m beginning to reach the conclusion that fashion is a form of brainwashing.
But when you look at how nicely the shade looks with this giraffe print House of Sunny sweatshirt, I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, khaki isn’t the most boring colour on the planet. Wearing khaki with giraffe print hints at the most implicit level of safari styling, although not nearly enough to make you think I’m off to stare at some lions in Kenya.
Will you be wearing khaki this season? I already have my second pair of trousers in the hue in my Topshop shopping bag already. Thank god tonal dressing is also in fashion this season…

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