The Wide Leg Striped Trouser

Topshop Striped Wide Leg Trousers | Topshop Polo Neck | Topshop Leather Jacket (similar here) | Zara Bag | Zara Mules (similar here) | ASOS Fluffy Keyring

It’s not even the end of January yet and I’ve already successfully fulfilled one of my Style Resolutions for 2015. Experiment With New Silhouettes. Of course, they are only a pair of wide leg trousers. Where’s the drama with that? 

It may be one small step for flare aficionados, but it was one giant wide-leg stride for a skinny-jean obsessive such as myself. As I said in my previous post about body confidence, I sometimes worry that adding volume to an area that is already somewhat voluminous can make me look super-sized where I would way rather downsize. But fashion is all about experimentation. It’s all about how you feel. I once read some advice in I-D that said buying an item of clothing which you know deep down isn’t really you, will always mean you feel like a tosser wearing it. Usually I would completely agree, but what is fashion without having a bit of fun?
These trousers definitely are not a classic Sophie piece. Screaming out against the bleak wintery streets of London in all of their bold, garish, blue-striped glory, I felt like a bit like a kooky art teacher wearing their Grandpa’s striped pyjama bottoms. And I loved it.
There’s a retro elegance to the trousers: high waisted, wide-leg, long vertical stripes. It was like almost suddenly I was transported back to 1970-something. I should be wearing a boldly clashing pumpkin coloured top, working my way down a soul train line, and stacking it at the end in my blocked platform heels.
Get me to a disco. Pronto.

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