New Year’s Style Resolutions

New year, new me? Definitely not. 
New Year, new clothes? That sounds more like it.
If there’s ever a time to experiment with new trends then it has to be the start of the year. Nothing motivates a little sartorial experimentation than the a sparkling clean blank slate of a fresh new year. Heres where my style direction will be heading for 2015.

Wear More Suits 

Gone are the pretty dresses for events and parties, this year suits are going to dominate my wardrobe. Stepping into a suit automatically boosts your confidence. I’ll be working mine with roll necks this winter and with bralets for eveningwear. Think luxe silky fabrics that flow off feminine curves.

Embrace Flares

I’ll be the first to put my hands up and say that flares still terrify me. After making a breakthrough in 2014, spotted on the legs of the seriously stylish Megan at ASOS, Sarah Nunn and Hannah Crosskey, it seems they’ve been brought back from fashion exile for good. Although the thought of wearing them brings back awful memories of non-uniform days at school wearing my favourite hipster flares and bench tee, the idea of 70’s inspired high waisted denim flares in deep indigo with a classic Breton stripe tee this spring is enough to erase those bad memories…

Ditch Classic Leather for Suede 

Gone is dominatrix-esque hardcore PVC leathers, it’s all about soft boho suedes from now on. For 2015 I want to explore colour and texture, so I’m going to be on the lookout for sugarcoated pastel pinks and striking vintage ochres. 

Experiment with New Silhouettes 

If there’s one thing that I’m guilty of it’s not experimenting with silhouettes enough. Opting for an oversized on top + skinny on the bottom combo is easy and predictable, but the idea of baggy + baggy makes me think of New York city bag lady. But this year I’m going to try playing with proportions in a way that doesn’t swamp my petite but curvy frame.

Don’t Be Lazy 

Who else only wears about 10% of their wardrobe? Certain jumpers and coats get way more air time than others, so that’s why I’m going to adopt fashion features editor at The Telegraph, Sophie de Rosée’s tip of not wearing a certain piece of clothing more than once in a fortnight.

Buy Less, Wear More 

With high-street favourites ASOS, Zara and Topshop having hundreds of new drops each week, fashion has never moved faster. It’s almost too easy to get caught up in the style stream of constantly consuming new things when you don’t need it. Instead of updating my wardrobe with new and exciting things all the time, i’m going to invest in high-quality wear-forever pieces.

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