The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Dressing: The Belted Coat

Zara Coat | Topshop Leather Trousers | Daniel Boots * | Zara Bag

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s after an epic night out, or an all night hardcore marathon of Netflixing Orange is the New Black, the morning comes and we hit the snooze button one too many times. Whilst blissfully dreaming of your parents buying you a Chanel Boy Bag for Christmas you’re completely unknowingly slicing into those precious getting-ready-minutes.
Cue the post-snooze wakeup panic wave of ‘oh crap I’m going to be late for work/school/lunch date’ and I have absolutely nothing to wear.
Let me introduce you to the Lazy Girls best friendThe Belted Coat.
Part dressing gown, part blanket, part coat, this is the season that comfort dressing got stylish. It’s basically the fashionable daytime equivalent of wearing pyjamas and loungewear (but won’t render any bizarre glances for wearing it publicly)
Layer it over a pair of jeans and a tee in all of it’s blankety, oversized glory for the chicest way to face days of pure laziness and cant-be-botheredness. The result is something surprisingly glamorous considering the lack of sleep and rush you got ready in. 
There are many reasons why this Zara coat has been a life saver for lazy moments since I picked it up way back in August (although it was actually way too hot to even consider wearing it…) Its classic camel colour is timeless, the belted silhouette has that old-school vintage glamour feel, and the oversized fit means it can hide a multitude of sins (like a dirty jumper or the effect of festive binge eating…)
Finally, it arguably has the ability to eclipse the lack of sleep by being chic enough distract any onlookers from looking at my actual face.
It’s got me questioning whether I need to ever bother getting up early again…
Here are my current favourite belted coats. I’m just praying that the Topshop Boutique Blue Blanket coat will be slashed in the sale…

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