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Who’s to congratulate for Kim Kardashian’s beauty transformation?

Ever since Kimmy made enough money from her bodacious butt, that infamous sex tape, and working for Paris Hilton to be able to afford an actual makeup artist, the beauty world has gone crazy trying to imitate the contoured look that she’s been seen with ever since.

We all know contouring is about shading and defining the face by accentuating the cheekbones, making large noses and foreheads (or fiveheads in my case) appear smaller, and brightening up parts of the face. When done well, the result is basically like you’ve spent an hour playing on the Sims to create the ultimate version of you.

Earlier this year I went on a date with a man who I hadn’t seen for a year. I’m not sure if he had issues where he felt the need to be awkwardly openly honest about everything, but he was kind enough to tell me “Sophie, you don’t look as chiseled as when I last saw you”

Now I’m not sure about you, but I think he might have been trying to tell me that I had put on weight… In reality, I’d just ran out of my favourite contouring product, MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in Coffee Walnut, apparently rendering my cheekbones totally invisible.

So I sat there, cocktail in hand, feeling 11lbs heavier than I was AND as though I had the makeup application ability of a drunk clown.

Recently, to the dismay of my distinctly average cheekbones, not only did I run out of my Studio Sculpting cream but it turns out it’s been discontinued. I prefer contouring creams for their ability to buff into the skin more seamlessly than a contouring powder, so that wasn’t an option. What’s a girl to do? Sink into a Kim Kardashian circa 2006 makeup aesthetic created from cheap lipgloss and an overdose on blusher?

& Other Stories to the rescue. An unlikely contender against cosmetic giant MAC, the super cool Scandi-fashion brand has produced a contouring cream as part of its beauty range that seems an almost identical dupe of MAC’s Pro Sculpting cream in Coffee Walnut. The creamy consistency blends seamlessly into the skin and can be layered up to create stronger definition.

For £10 it more than makes up for the fact MAC’s version was discontinued. Sadly, it’s no longer available online, but I can imagine with the popularity of contouring it’ll be back in stock soon. Or try and pick up some from the store at Oxford Circus.

Now excuse me whilst I indulge in this pizza and continue tricking people into believing that I am far more chiselled than I really am.

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