2014 Was’t All That Bad…

The end of the year often leaves me stewing in a pot of reflective doom. You’re still stuck in a festive coma, feeling a bit too heavy from one too many festive leftover sandwiches, looking back at what you actually managed to achieve this year.
I sat there, feeling like the lower end of a ‘hot or not’ barometer, thinking about everything I failed to accomplish in 2014. No I didn’t lose the 10lbs that I said I would on my New Years Resolution list, no I didn’t get to travel to some exotic island and get a real tan, I didn’t manage to get a Glasto ticket, and no I still haven’t earned enough to buy myself a Burberry trench coat (or found a really rich boyfriend to buy one for me.)
Overall, it feels like 2014 was a bit of a fail.
It’s easy to categorise fashion bloggers as self-obsessed narcissists. After all, it doesn’t get much more narcissistic than posting pictures of you posing in clothes on the internet, does it?
But one of the reasons I began blogging my style choices is because of the memories fashion can hold. A photograph of certain outfits can pull back a special memory you had forgotten about and by keeping a visual style diary I can easily pull out these memories that are entwined with my clothing.
Fashion has always been a big part of my life because of its power to change your mood, confidence and outlook simply by by changing the way that you are dressed. Looking back through my sartorial choices of 2014 has pulled out memories of what those outfits meant to me, the events I had worn them to, and how it made me feel in that exact moment. So scanning back through these photographs has made me realise the things I did accomplish, like being nominated for a Cosmo Blog Awardinterning at The Times during LFW, being flown over to Amsterdam for my training at my job at Fashionchick.co.uk, opportunities to work with incredible brands I have always loved, and going to fashion events and meeting people I never expected I would have.
This year I’ve met so many inspirational people and it’s been great to watch them grow and succeed. It’s pushed me to evaluate the things I did well this year, and the things that I did fail a bit at (I’m still waiting to be swallowed up by the fitness trend…), and what I want to push myself with in 2015 (expect more lifestyle, beauty and maybe even some vlogs!)
Looking back at 2014 really wasn’t that bad at all…
Now I’m not sure about you but this cliche end-of-year love-fest is beginning to make me feel a little bit sick, so here’s my favourite looks from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter of 2014.





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