Three Ways to Wear a Black Leather Midi Skirt this Christmas

Girls Night Out

RJR @ Debenhams Skirt* | Topshop Crop Top | & Other Stories Necklace | New Look Heels | H&M Bag

The Family Event

RJR @ Debenhams Skirt* | Vintage Polo Neck Jumper (similar here) | Zara Scarf | Carvela Flats (similar here)

The Work Do

RJR @ Debenhams Skirt* | Zara Top | H&M Boots | H&M Bag | & Other Stories Necklace

There are many benefits to being a freelancer and working from home.

Every day is a weekend- Tuesday night (and Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday) is the new Friday night! You get to work in your pyjamas. Or in a ballgown. There are no rules in my office (AKA bedroom.)No morning commute on the Northern line tube (I find PDA uncomfortable with boyfriends or lovers, so that level of breathing-down-your-neck and accidental snuggling intimacy is far too much for me to handle at 7:30am)It’s flexible. Sample sale? Always the first there. Work can wait until the evening when there’s some discounted Dior on the cards.

But year after year, there is one thing which bothers me about working from home. I don’t have an Office Christmas Party. On the plus side this means no getting horribly drunk and kissing the strange IT guy who always smells like baked beans, but it also means I don’t have any real reason to dress up and get glamourous. Of course I could run an office party in my bedroom, but with a houseplant and cuddly cat toy as the only guests on the list, it’s unlikely I’d have much gossip to chat about afterwards.

At least Debenhams are on hand, setting me the task to style up one black leather midi skirt from the RJR range for three different festive occasions: a night out for cocktails with the girls, a family occasion, and a work do. At least now I had an excuse to play dress up and pretend like I had some nice party to go to (as if I really needed one…)

Girls night out means one thing: glamour. Rather than totally overdoing it I kept it simple and black. All loose and flowing, the skirt has so much drama that it deserves to be the centre of attention.

A family event calls for casual comfort. Cue a cashmere sweater, flats and a scarf so large it doubles up as a pillow for when you get sent to sleep by your batty old Grandma ranting on about one of her collectible dog ornaments mysteriously disappearing.

And as for the work do, well, it’s got to be slightly conservative. A bold printed top and classic ankle boots does the trick. You’ll be covered up, responsible, and a credit to your workplace. Just don’t overdo the Champagne…

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