Autumn Outerwear and Knitwear

Turtleneck Jumper, Bomber Jacket, Faux Leather Skirt, Metallic Shoes, Bag (similar here) – All Forever 21 *

It’s funny how Winter just appears out of nowhere. Up until yesterday the seasons had us thinking that we had skipped Autumn/Winter and fell straight back into June again. This week has been spent doing rather unseasonal activities such as walking around Clapham Common overheating in a mere sweater and skirt combo (sans tights), and sitting in the company of many cocktails in the outdoor area of my local bar until about midnight, trying to drink up the last dregs of this weird early October heatwave. I couldn’t even bear to keep my arms in my jacket earlier this week when I shot these photographs (I caped this jacket out of practicality, not trendiness, I promise.)

But isn’t it a different story today? I’m currently tucked up in bed choosing starvation over facing the cold to make myself some brunch. But in thinking positively, at least this means we all finally get to wear our oversized turtle-neck jumpers and woolly scarves without our less fashion-savvy friends asking “oh but aren’t you completely boiling in that?” We no longer have to be in denial about it being knitwear season because it actually finally is knitwear season!

When you think of Forever 21, what do you really think of? I used to think of badly dressed American teenage girls. Forever 21 always felt like that American shop that only sells muffin-top inducing low-rise jeans/trousers/shorts/skirts, and sometimes nearly gets it right but thanks to a dipped hem here or a weird stripe there, it never quite made the grade.

But Forever 21 has come a long way since it first opened up shop in the UK. I’m not sure if opening stores in Britain led it to being infected by a London-esque fashion vibe, but everything felt a little less American teenager at a One Direction show, and a little bit more British girl chilling in an East London bar.

Their Autumn Winter collection is crawling with luxe faux-furs and smart tailoring. The knitwear department is overloaded with roll-necks in more colours than the English language has words for. For those outerwear addicts like myself, the collection has everything from vintage inspired oversized coats to strict structured masculine overcoats. And price-wise? On a scale of Primark to Topshop, it’s definitely more along the Primark end, but with higher-quality pieces.

I think it’s safe to say that I probably won’t be wearing my jackets like capes anymore: it’s time to roll out the tights and wrap up warm.

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